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HOW IS MY TREATMENT PAID FOR? ALL COSTS associated with the treatment are provided free of charge. Specialized testing, done specifically for the clinical trial, blood test, EKGs, are paid for by the sponsors of the trial.

COULD I GET A PLACEBO? YES! We participate in double-blind trials where neither the principal investigator nor the participant in the trial knows who is receiving the active medication or the placebo. We also participate in open-label trials where both the researcher and the participant know the participant is receiving an active treatment.

ARE CLINICAL TRIALS A "LAST RESORT"? For some people, clinical trials are a great first option. Waiting longer could ultimately hinder the ability to qualify for a trial, either because you have already been exposed to other treatments or you could potentially not be healthy enough to meet the eligibility requirements of the trial.

ARE CLINICAL TRIALS SAFE? Each trial is watched over by a special committee, called an “Institutional Review Board” (IRB), whose mission is to protect the interests of patients who participate in the trial. This board operates independently of the organization which is funding the study. IRBs do many things, but the focus of their work is to protect the rights and health of participants. If they have any questions or concerns about your safety, they can mandate changes to how the study is designed.

WILL I BE A GUINEA PIG? Clinical trials are being conducted because the treatment being studied has shown promise in treating a disease or condition. Years of research is required before a treatment can reach the clinical trial phase. In a clinical trial, participants receive a high level of care and a great deal of attention. You will likely find that you have more access to doctors and nurses to answer your questions. You will also be given more tests and be monitored very closely. You always have the option of withdrawing from a trial at any time and for any reason without penalty.

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